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  Guia de Items - DOTA

Guía de Items

A acontinuación mostraremos imagenes sobre cada uno de los items del Dota. Si deseas saber mas sobre alguno de los items solo da click sobre el mismo. Además daremos alguna explicación sobre como usarlos o recomendaciones si el item lo requiere.


Lesser Clarity Potion Healing Salve Dust Of Appearance Empty Bottle
Observer Wards Sentry Wards Ancient Tango of Essifation Animal Courier
Scroll Of Town Portal Glyph of Fortification    
Divine Rapier Monkey King Bar Radiance The Butterfly
Buriza-do Kyanon Cranium Basher Battle Fury Manta Style
Crystalys Armlet of Mordiggian Lothars Edge  
Gloves of Haste Mask of death Ring of Regeneration Kelens Dagger
Sobi Mask Boots of Speed Gem of True Sight Planeswalkers Cloak
Magic Stick Talisman of Evasion Ghost Scepter  
Sange and yasha Satanic Mjollnir Eye of Skadi
Sange Helm of the Dominator Maelstrom Stygian Desolator
Yasha Mask of Madness Diffusal Blade  
Gauntlets of Ogre Strenght Slippers of Agility Mantle of Intelligence Ironwood Branch
Belt of Giant Strenght Boots of Elvenskin Robe of the Magi Circlet of Nobility
Ogre Axe Bladee of Alacrity Staff of Wizardry Ultimate Orb
Guinsoo Scythe of Vise Orchid Malevolence Scepter Of Divinity Force Staff
Dagon Necronomicon Aghanims Scepter Refresher Orb
Blades of Attack Broadsword Quarter Staff Claymore
Ring of Protection Stout Shield Javelin Mithril Hammer
Chain Mai Helm of Iron Will Plate Mail Quelling Blade
Assault Cuirass Heart of Tarrasque Black King Bar Aegis of the Immortal
Shivas Guard Bloodstone Linkens Sphere Vanguard
Blade Mail Soul Booster Hood of Defiance  
Boots of Travel Phase Boots Power Treads  
Hand of Midas Oblivion Staff Perseverance Poor Man's Shield
Bracer Wraith Band Null Talisman Magic Wand
Mekansm Vladmirs Offering Arcane Ring Crow Courier
Nathrezim Buckler Ring of Basilius Khadgar's Pipe of Insight  
Headdress of Rejuvenation      
Demon Edge Eaglehorn Messerschmidts Reaver Sacred Relic
Hyperstone Ring of Health Void Stone Mystic Staff
Energy Booster Point Booster Vitality Booster  


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